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Labor experience “faded away”: a retiree argued that he really worked in Luhansk

A resident of Luhansk region decided to register a retirement pension, however, he was denied the Pension Fund administration, indicating that the man had not enough work experience. As it turned out, one of the records of the place of work was illegible in his work book, and the seal "faded away." Thus, the Pension Fund did not take into account work data for three and a half years. The lawyers of Novoaidar Office of the Legal Development Network discussed the issue and provided the retiree with qualified free legal aid. Now he can enjoy the deserved rest.

A resident of the Luhansk region Hryhorii* appealed for help to the Novoaidar Office of the Legal Development Network at NGO "Public Legal Aid Service". The man was worried that he was denied registration of the retirement pension due to lack of work experience.

The lawyers of the Office studied the documents. It turned out that in fact, there was enough experience to appoint the retirement pension. But the record in the work book for the period from October 2003 to May 2007 is completely indecisive, and the seal "faded away". Therefore, the Pension Fund did not include this period of work in the whole labor period.

Hryhorii could not provide primary documents and prove his work experience, because the organization where he had worked was located in the city of Luhansk - in an uncontrolled territory of Ukraine.

The lawyer of the Legal Development Network explained: since the length of service is calculated for the period of work after 2000, for the purpose of appointment of the pension the length of service can be proved another way - it is necessary to take into account entries from the State Register of Mandatory State Social Insurance.

The lawyers of the Public Legal Aid Service helped the client make a statement. He asked the Pension Fund to take into account his seniority for the period from 10.2003 to 05.2007, taking into account the information specified in the State Register of Mandatory State Social Insurance.

The administration of the Pension Fund considered the application and made a decision on the recognition of the man’s experience, the record of which in his work book "faded away".

*The name is changed for ethical reasons

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