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The employer "thanked" the woman for 30 years of work, owing 60 537 UAH
The employer "thanked" the woman for 30 years of work, owing 60 537 UAH Photo courtesy of domik.ua

She had worked at the Alfa-Beta Company* for almost 30 years... During this time, many heads and the name of the organization changed and the Soviet Union collapsed. However, when dismissing, the administration did not take into account the woman's viable work experience and did not pay her considerable wage arrears. The lawyer of Ivano-Frankivsk office of the Legal Development Network helped restore justice.

In October, last year, Inna Koshelets*, who complained about the impunity of the former employer, turned to Stanislav human rights group for free legal aid.

The woman said that in 2014 she had won the court against the Alfa-Beta, where she worked as a watchman in 1986. As a result of the trial, the judge ordered the enterprise to pay Inna 44,488.71 UAH of arrears of wages and compensation for unused vacations.

However, during 3 years the court decision was never fulfilled. Inna asked the lawyers to help her find control over the unscrupulous ex-boss.

Having carefully studied the documents, the lawyer of the Office Andrii Maletyn explained the woman that in such circumstances, in addition to the debt, the organization must pay compensation for the delay payment of 33.017, 80 UAH from February 2014, when the court decision was passed, by October 2016, when she turned to the Office.

In addition, the lawyer suggested the client to apply for the recovery of non-pecuniary damage, taking into account the length of delay in the execution of the court decision.

Andrii Maletyn helped Inna make a statement of claim and represented her interests in the case.

On April 6, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, increasing the general debt of the company by more than 16 thousand UAH. Now it is obliged to pay the former employee 60 537 UAH, including 5 000 UAH as compensation for non-pecuniary damage! This time the lawyers of the Stanislav human rights group will carefully monitor the execution of the court decision.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons.

P.S. Offices of Legal Development Network are created and work with the financial support of Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space website.

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