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Heirs were late “a bit”, registering inheritance in 25 years
Heirs were late “a bit”, registering inheritance in 25 years Photo courtesy of yak-prosto.com

Two brothers inherited the house from the mother, but the notary refused them in registering the inheritance, because they did not have documents for the house. Brothers did not want to spend time and money on the production of title documents. The men decided: who, if not, owns the house in which they live and where their mother lived. Time passed...

One of the brothers died. His wife with children took his share of the inheritance. However, they could not arrange it. The reason is the same - there are no title documents for the house. The lawyer of Kovel office of the Legal Development Network at the NGO “Community Growth Center" helped the clients gather all the necessary documents and apply to the court. After 25 years, the legacy was finally designed properly.

A resident of the village Goloby Andrii Leshchuk* appealed for help to the Kovel office of the Legal Development Network.

In the distant 1992 year, Andrii’s mother died. The only heirs were Andrii Leshchuk and his brother Serhii.

To register the estate, they turned to the notary, but they were refused. It turned out that there were no titles of inheritance.

Instead of collecting the necessary documents, ordering a technical passport for the house and duly assembling the inheritance, the brothers waved their hand and decided not to deal with this matter, believing that they were the owners of the property.

When in 1997 Serhii died, his wife and two children could not arrange the property, because they did not have any rights documents. And again, the heirs continued to live in the house, and did not properly draw the property.

Only in 2017 the heirs finally decided to arrange their inheritance and turned to the lawyers of the Kovel office of the Legal Development Network.

The head of Community Growth Center, lawyer Nadia Klimuk advised the heirs to apply to the village council for the documents necessary for the registration of inheritance rights in court.

Upon receipt of these documents, a written refusal from the notary and the production of technical documentation for the house, the lawyer consulted a statement of claim to the court to recognize the title to the real estate after the death of the mother.

Given that the testator (mother and Serhii) did not leave the will, inheritance was carried out by law.

P.S. Offices of Legal Development Network are created and work with the financial support of Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space website.

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