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A girl could not return from Russia to Ukraine due to loss of passport
A girl could not return from Russia to Ukraine due to loss of passport Photo courtesy of oldtimewallpapers

22-year-old Olena Pavlenko* went to her relatives to Russia. There the girl lost the passport and could not come back home. Only due to councils of the lawyer of Novoaydar office of Legal Development Network Tatiana Ganshyna the girl who had got into trouble managed to return home.

Tamara Pavlenko* addressed Novoaydar office of Legal Development Network at NGO "Public Service of Legal Aid". Her 22-year-old daughter went to her relatives to Russia. During a trip in the bus, the girl forgot her bag with the passport. She couldn't come back home without the identity document.

According to the results of studying the standards of the current legislation of Ukraine and the Russian Federation the lawyer of the Office Tatiana Ganshyna explained the woman what steps her daughter had to take to restore the passport lost abroad.

First, the girl had to contact the police of the Russian Federation and write the application for loss or theft of the document. Then to ask police officers to provide confirmation that she had no identity document.

“Law enforcement agencies have to make the record on loss of the identity document. In each specific case they define what document needs to be made. It can be a reference, an act or a record”, Tatiana Ganshyna commented.

Then the girl had to address the Embassy with the reference and two 3.5 x 4.5 cm photos.

The following step was to confirm in any possible way the identity. It is desirable to have two witnesses, citizens of Ukraine who are in the Russian Federation now in such cases. Also, the passport photocopy will facilitate the procedure. When the procedure of identification is complete, the Embassy will provide a certificate for return, which will serve as the admission home. Upon return to Ukraine, it will be necessary to issue a new passport.

The girl followed all the councils of the lawyer. Now she has already come back home.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons.

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