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100 fighters were “lost” on the frontlines
  • Written by 100 fighters were “lost” on the frontlines Oleksandra Iermolaeva, IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Success stories
100 fighters were “lost” on the frontlines Photo by Noah Brooks Photo

100 ATO participants were at the forefront over 4 months, but received payment for the third line of defense. They could not solve the problem independently, so applied for free legal aid to Chernihiv office of the Legal Development Network. Since they could not leave the frontline, they consulted lawyers of the Office by phone.

“It was a group consultation for ATO combatants. The question concerned the payment of salaries and allowances for participation in ATO”, explained the lawyer of the Office at Chernihiv Human Rights Committee  Natalya Kulikova. “All 72 fighters addressed us, as they have not been paid this allowance in full for more than 4 months”.

According to the lawyer, since December 2016 the military personnel have been on the frontlines, but receiving benefits for the 3th line of defense. The soldiers were in a desperate situation. There is no order on "transferring" their military unit to the frontline. Combatants wrote reports, addressed the leadership of the military unit, but it did not produce results. They can’t pass a copy of the document, as they must not leave the frontline.

The lawyer appealed for help to the partner NGO "Legal Hundred", as they can directly deliver to the Department of Finance Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for a positive solution. The result was not slow to arrive. At the beginning of June 2017 Natalya Kulikova told the Legal Space that the case was resolved positively. The fighters were finally paid in full. It is unfortunate that the soldiers, who defend us and our houses, get into such a situation.

In January 2017 soldiers are paid the allowance of 6000 UAH to the basic salary for a stay on the frontlines (previously 4,200 UAH) and in April - 7500 UAH.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons

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