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A retiree won court against a dishonest lawyer

The woman lawyer who took the money from the disabled retiree, but did not provide the service. The lawyer did not want to repay the money. However, due to the lawyers of Kovel office of the Legal Development Network, she will be collected the necessary sum. The strategic case lasted more than six months and ended with the victory of the retiree in court.

Mykola, the retiree with a status of "a disabled veteran of I group addressed legal advisers of the Office at the NGO "The Center for Community Growth". The man complained about the woman lawyer who took his money, but did not help.

Mykola wanted to privatize the apartment, which he inherited after his mother’s death. In family documents of title to inherited property there was a misprint in the name.

In September 2015, following his friends recommendation he turned to the lawyer for legal aid. The woman signed a contract on the provision of services, promised to make the claim and to represent the interests of the disabled person in court. Mykola paid her for the services 3 800 UAH. However, the lawyer attended only one hearing from 7 or 8 ones. Therefore, the retiree lost the court, actually having been left without defense.

The man turned to the lawyer with a claim, as she did not fulfill her commitments. She promised to return 2 300 UAH by a specific date. However, she deceived the man and he had to contact the police. As it turned out, the lawyer cheated not only Mykola. During interrogations, the woman swore that she would give money to everyone she owes. The case was closed due to the lack of crime in the actions of the lawyer. The police investigator advised the pensioner to contact lawyers who provide free legal aid. Only after the case moved.

The lawyers of the Office examined the materials and made up a lawsuit to terminate the agreement on provision of legal services and compensation for material and moral damages. The case of the pensioner lasted several months. In March 2017, he won.

As noted by counsel Natalia Dubrova, the lawyer is to be collected 2 300 UAH. The lawyer of the organization will continue to help the disabled man, until the lawyer returns him the money.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons.

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