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Pensioner was almost "zeroed" 4 years of seniority of the civil servant

The resident of the Luhansk region Zinaida Protsko addressed Novoaydar office of Legal Development Network to help her with her pension. The Pension Fund was trying to undo 4 years of her experience in the civil service.

The woman explained that since 1988 she had worked as a civil servant, she accordingly had accrued the experience of public service and the long-service award for 28 years.

However, when Zinaida applied for a pension, she was counted only 25 years. To her requirement to provide an explanation, the woman received the answer that she had taken the oath of a civil servant in 1991, and the length of service is calculated from that day.

A lawyer of the Office at the Public Legal Aid Tatiana Ganshyna studied the documents provided by the client, analyzed the legislation and concluded that the truth is on the side of Zinaida Protsko.

The lawyer helped prepare an application for the Department of the Pension Fund on calculation of Zinaida’s experience in the period from 1988 to 1991 as a civil servant. According to the results of consideration of the application and the provided supporting documents, the woman was pensioned over 28 years of experience in positions of a public service.

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