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Lawyers helped fix errors that prevented inheriting property for 17 years
Lawyers helped fix errors that prevented inheriting property for 17 years Photo by le-pongiste.com

In December of last year Olga Voloska* turned to the Resource center for the rights of peasants-land owners, acting on the basis of the Chuhuiv human rights group.

Olga told that in 2000, her mother Valentyna died. She left her daughter the land share, the ownership is evidenced by the certificate.

As Valentyna and her daughter lived together, after the mother’s death, Olga immediately entered into the possession and enjoyment of land. However, she failed to register proper papers on since 2000.

The inheritance was prevented by the mistakes made in the documents as her mother's name was listed incorrectly in her birth certificate, and the certificate on the right for a land share contains the wrong patronymic name of the deceased.

For registration of inheritance Olga appealed to the notary office, however according to the results of consideration of the application, the notary explained that the differences in the spelling of the name of her mother in various documents prevent the enjoyment of rights of inheritance, so for the moment he can't take the case. The notary advised her to apply to the court for establishing the facts of legal significance – namely a family relationship with Valentyna.

After that, Olga addressed Chuhuiv office of Legal Development Network.

After analyzing the documents, the lawyer Iuliia Kotova helped the woman prepare a statement in court to establish the fact of belonging of the Certificate of on the right to land (share) to the deceased and to establish the fact of relationship between her and Olga.

In March, given the explanations of the witnesses, the representatives of the petitioner, and considering the information contained in the written evidence, the court granted Olga’s application in full: established the fact of a legal document and the fact of kinship. Now she legally has the right to appeal to the notary and make a legacy for herself.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

The project "The Resource Center for the rights of peasants-land owners in Chuhuiv, Pecheniz'kyi and Shevchenko districts of Kharkiv region,overcoming corruption in the sphere of land relations" is implemented by the Chuhuiv human rights group with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

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