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The man almost became a "formal" dad of twins

Grygorii Radchenko* appealed to Kovel office of Legal Development Network with a rather delicate problem. The reason was his ex-wife was threatened with court and child support. 

The man told that they had been divorced for about a year. He was married to his ex-wife Anna* from 2014. But the joint life did not develop and young people ceased marital relations. In December 2014, she left the apartment, where they lived together with Grygorii, and since that time they were living apart.

Officially the divorce was registered only almost a year later in November 2015, according to the decision of the district court of Kovel in Volyn region the marriage between Anna and Gregory was terminated.

However, after a while Anna told her ex-husband that she had given birth to twins. She added: children were born exactly 9 months after the date of the official termination of their marriage. And since the pregnancy occurred in the period of marriage, Anna decided to record Grygorii as the babies’ father.

The arguments of the ex-husband about the fact that at that time they did not live together almost a year, did not work. Moreover, she began to threaten that would submit to the court the statement of claim about collecting alimony from Grygorii.

The man was shocked by such arrogance and at the same time he was confident in his honesty, so he decided to seek justice with the help of lawyers of the Office.

The legal adviser Dmytro Kulbidiuk got acquainted with all the details of the "Santa Barbara", provided Radchenko advice and helped make a claim about the exclusion of information about his person as the father of the record of the children’s birth.

The Kovel city court satisfied this claim in full.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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