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Unscrupulous doctor is punished for abusing patient

The pensioner Olga Kovtun* addressed Bila Tserkva office of Legal Development Network at BNGO "Legal Unity" with complaints of unprofessional actions of a dentist. Citizens often face similar problems, but very rarely seek protection of their legal rights. Olga’s situation is indicative, and its successful completion is an example for others.

Olga told that one Saturday evening in January she felt a dull toothache and noticed swelling of the cheek. The pensioner decided not to postpone the visit to the doctor and spoke to the dentist on duty at the local hospital.

During the examination the doctor Nina Pavlenko* identified problems with two teeth: on the same day the dentist removed the nerve and cemented a filling in the one, drilled the other one and referring to "the complexity," suggested Mrs. Olga to come two days later for re-appointment. The pensioner paid UAH 500 for the services on the same day.

Coming next week to continue her treatment, she was forced to endure severe pain, despite the fact that she got a pain injection. However, all was in vain – the doctor Pavlenko failed to find all channels with the nerves to remove them. The dentist continued to search the channels for 1.5 hours two days in a row, although she had x-ray pictures. In the end, being unable to cope alone with this job, she called her colleague, who in 5 minutes managed to find that channel and to remove the nerve. After that, Pavlenko continued treatment. However, the pain was so unbearable that Olga refused the services of such "a specialist".

Convinced of the incompetence of the dentist Nina Pavlenko, Olga turned to another clinic for further treatment. However, after inspecting the new doctor said that she will not take responsibility for further treatment because it was unprofessionally started. She explained to the patient: if you save this tooth, there is a high risk of the cyst and to avoid this, you need to remove the tooth and make prosthetics. Accordingly, this increases the cost of the treatment process, but additional costs for pensioners can be overwhelming.

Olga was so angered with the whole situation that she decided not to leave the doctor Pavlenko with impunity and appealed to Bila Tserkva office of Legal Development Network.

The lawyer Marina Lysych helped make a complaint to the chief doctor of the dental hospital.

The response was not long in coming. The very next day the chief doctor called the Commission, where it was decided to return the funds for the unprofessionally treated tooth, to carry out free removal and prosthetics. In addition, the doctor Nina Pavlenko was reprimanded.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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