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Good neighbourliness: is it possible to establish relationships without trial?
Good neighbourliness: is it possible to establish relationships without trial? Photo by youtube.com

Disputes over land boundaries between neighbours are one of the most difficult to resolve, because the parties to the conflict primarily are guided by emotions. Therefore, in resolving such situations lawyers of Legal Development Network prefer tre-trial method - mediation.

Thus, in November, Galyna Pavlenko*addressed Novoaydar Office of Legal Development Network for free legal aid The woman complained of her new neighbors, which are trying to take part of her land and insulting and humiliating her.

Galyna explained that she had purchased the house over 10 years ago and constantly lives in it. She had never had conflicts with neighbors before: each farmed his/her land on the border, which took place roughly between the two houses.

When the neighbors died, the house property was inherited by their children. Galyna did not manage to find a common language with them.

The lawyer of Public Legal Aid Tatiana Gan’shyna after analyzing the conflict explained Galyna duties of land owners under article 91 of the Land Code of Ukraine, disputes between neighbours (article 158), as well as the essence of the principle of good neighbourliness (Chapter 17 of the Land Code). The woman was advised to try to find a compromise with her neighbors peacefully, arguing the norms of the land legislation.

Moreover, the lawyer examined in detail the documents and found that the boundaries of her land are not defined in nature. According to Tatiana Gan’shyna, it made possible the violation of the borders by the new neighbours. To resolve this situation, she helped the woman file a statement to the local council regarding the establishment of boundaries of neighbouring plots of land.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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