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Primary legal aid means immediate legal aid!
  • Written by Centre for providing free primary legal aid in Skadovsk City Council
  • Published in  Success stories
Primary legal aid means immediate legal aid! Photo coutersy of vid.cn.ua

After the failed attempt of deputies of Skadovsk City Council to liquidate public institution "Centre for the provision of free primary legal aid in Skadovsk City Council of Skadovsk district, Kherson region" (hereinafter – the Center), it continues to operate successfully and provide local residents with quality legal aid.

Thus, in December of last year the 80-year-old pensioner Ivan Korneychuk* addressed the center for consultation. He is a person with a disability and participant of military operations.

According to his words and provided documents, it became known that a writ was issued his name for the recovery of debts for the consumed gas in the amount of 4 212 thousand UAH in favor of PJSC "Khersongaz" and the court fee in the amount of 689 UAH.

But he is not the owner of the residential building, therefore he is not a consumer of gas supply services, as 10 years ago he gave this house to his grandson.

Ivan received the court order late, which almost made it impossible to implement his right to access to justice.

The lawyers of the Centre together with Skadovsk Office of Legal Development Network decided to act immediately because delay in this case would lead to negative consequences for the pensioner. First of all, they appealed to the Department of postal communication to record the fact of the late receipt of the letter from the court.

Ivan had only one day to appeal the court order, it would be too late to contact the local centre for providing free secondary legal aid for the appointment of a lawyer. Therefore, lawyers decided to help the old man write the declaration of cancellation of the court order.

As the evidence provided by the applicant and investigated during consideration of the case was conclusive, and the objections of representatives of PJSC "Khersongaz" was completely unfounded, the court ruled in Ivan’s favor and cancelled the previously issued court order on recovery of the debt for the gas supply.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

P.S. The Legal Development Network offices are created and work with financial support of“Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.  Read more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space.

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