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Disabled woman received her part of inherited housing

A family is considered to be one of the greatest values in human life, but it happens so that even the family members can't find common ground and are forced to settle their disputes through the courts.

Two sisters inherited a house in the city after the death of their grandfather. One of them, Olga, lived with her law husband and the kid, through what she claimed to be the sole use. Iryna, the person with the 3 group disability from her childhood, did not create the family and for some time lived in a hostel. First, after the grandfather’s death both sisters lived in the house together. However, after 6 months Olga refused Iryna to stay in this house, saying that she took care of the grandfather until his death and had the full right to the whole house.

Iryna turned to the lawyers of the Podolsk Office of Legal Development Network at the Podolsk Human Rights Centre, who helped her apply to the court for recognition of her right to a half of the house that is her legacy. According to the decision of the court each of the sisters received half's of grandfather's house in the common property.

However, Iryna became the owner only on paper, and then the sister would not let her into the house. After the intervention of a policeman, the member of the City Council and with the participation of lawyers of Podolsk Human Rights Centre the use of the common home was determined and one room in the use of Iryna was identified. Further aid was provided in the construction of the separate entrance, an autonomous heating system, a separate input supply. With the help of lawyers and volunteers of Podolsk Human Rights Centre Iryna got a chance for decent life.

Chairman of the Board of PHRC Mykhailo Bardin commented:

"Emotions and misunderstandings between family members can also be the cause of human rights violations. In this case, the appeal to human rights organizations is the most effective way to protect their rights. Especially when the rights of persons with disabilities violated, who find it difficult to protect themselves".

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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