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ChHRG helped evict "invisible men" that prevented receiving subsidy

Today the problem of receiving subsidy is very acute for citizens of Ukraine. After all, when making this kind of targeted assistance the incomes of all persons registered in the living room are considered, and often several people who for one reason or another actually do not live there are registered in apartments or houses.

Sometimes it happens so that the owners of premises are unaware of whereabouts of these "invisible men". And for removing these individuals from registration in accordance with article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On freedom of movement and free choice residence in Ukraine" a court decision on deprivation of the right to use the living room should be issued.

Oleksandr S.* addressed Chuhuiv human rights group of Legal Development Network with a problem: 5 years ago he bought the apartment where several people were registered. The seller promised: as soon as the transaction of purchase and sale was made, the latter would immediately be removed from registration. Since then 5 years passed but the commitment was never fulfilled. "Registered" persons never appeared, the new owner did not even know the place of their actual residence. But Oleksandr had to pay for them.

When the tariffs on utilities inreased sharply, Oleksandr S. decided to apply for a subsidy. Of course, with outsiders in the apartment this idea was impossible to implement.

Human rights defenders in this case decided not to be limited to legal advice. The Chairman of ChHRG lawyer Roman Lykhachev explained the client the procedure for de-registration in court, after which the organization prepared materials for the preparation of the statement of claim about the recognition of persons as such that lost the right to use the living room. And in a very short time this case was won.

After that, Oleksandr S. received the subsidy that amounted to 1,300 UAH per month.

*Name is changed for ethical reasons.

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