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Family mediation as path to understanding

Due to the comprehensive assistance of specialists from Severodonetsk office of Legal Development Network the family managed to resolve the conflict and avoid court battles.

Svitlana Ivanenko* addressed NGO "Civic platform" after threats of her mother to evict her from the apartment with a three year old kid.

The woman told that she is a single mother and living with her mother and little daughter. Hanna*, her mother, threatened to evict the daughter and granddaughter due to the fact that the child allegedly prevented her from relaxing. Svitlana was severely stressed and told that the conflict in the family had worsened so much that to live together was just impossible. But she does not receive cash assistance for the child, so has no funds to rent an apartment and move out from her mum.

The lawyer Serhiy Boldar explained Svitlana that her mother had no right arbitrarily to evict the family members, because this question is solved only in a judicial order, and in the presence of a minor child – with the obligatory participation of body of guardianship. If the mother still fulfills her threats and evicts the daughter and granddaughter, the lawyer promised to help protect their rights, making a claim about moving into the apartment.

The office psychologist Iuliia Kislovska also joined the assistance campaign. She talked to Hanna, explaining that she had to resolve the conflict and establish normal relations with her daughter. Besides, as the lawyer explained, after the eviction of her daughter and grandchildren, the grandma could lose the subsidy for the apartment, because having a good pension, she'd be able to pay utility bills in full.

The lawyer also explained that Article 18-3 of the law of Ukraine "On state assistance to families with children" establishes the size of public assistance for the children of single mothers. Assistance is provided in the amount equal to the difference between 100% of the subsistence minimum for a child of appropriate age and the average total family income per 1 person in the previous 6 months. The cost of living for a child up to 6 years dated 01.05.2016 is 1 228 UAH. Thus, if the woman’s income is less than a living wage, she has the right to appeal to the local Department of social protection for help.

As a result, following the recommendations of experts of the office, the family managed to settle the conflict: grandma calmed down and changed her conduct, and the daughter filed papers to the Department of social protection of the population to receive child benefit.

*Names are changed for ethical reasons.

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