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Residents of Severodonetsk can receive both legal and psychological aid

In Severodonetsk Legal Development Network office residents of Luhansk region can receive psychological aid. Stories of human lives are no less successful than court victory.

People address NGO "Civic Platform" with different problems in both legal and personal aspects. The legal adviser Serhiy Boldar helps with legal problems and the psychologist Yulia Kyslovska advises on personal issues. The following stories are only 2 examples from September practice.

Victoria came to the psychologist with at first glance a typical, but not less painful problem for women: the consequences of divorce with her husband. The divorce was tough, with the division of property through court. This long-term procedure and the emotional severity were very hard for the young woman. Victoria complained of loss of strength, fatigue, irritation, frustration. "I do not understand what’s happening to me", she said distractedly.

During the careful and at the same time plain conversation the psychologist found out that Victoria had emotional exhaustion due to stress. From a joyful woman she turned into a sad and constantly crying person. The resentment against her ex-husband drove her mad.

“During first two consultations we worked on getting rid of resentments and on forgiveness. We applied a technique "Ho'oponopono" (aimed at solving problems, in Hawaiian "Ho'oponopono" means "to fix" or "to do right".). And the final meeting was aimed at raising self-esteem and self-confidence”, the psychologist said.

There is a difficult path of healing emotional wounds ahead, but the first step of the psychologist’s support was extremely important for Victoria.

Yulia Kyslovska did not allow the domestic altercations to destroy the family in the case of another client. Serhiy, 34 years old, a private entrepreneur, first complained of poor business, saying that the problems started after 2014. At the moment he is undergoing a crisis and worries a lot about the problem, he is afraid of losing everything. However, in further dialogue it became clear the real cause of his fears: he was more afraid of losing not his business, but his family.

He told that he had conflict with his wife and stressed that he had to maintain the family. He said, if he was not able to do it, then she would leave him and file for divorce. The man confessed that he loved his wife and children. And his fear of losing the business was equal to the fear of losing the family.

The psychologist asked Serhiy to attend the next consultation with his wife. She held the family counseling and then a private conversation with his wife Iryna.

The psychologist managed to bring the couple to the dialogue.

“They, as they told, for the first time were talking understanding each other. Serhiy and Iryna came to the right decision. Irina promised to support her husband and to stop talking about divorce. And Serhiy promised to be more attentive to his wife and to spend weekends with his family”, Yulia Kyslovska explained.

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P.S. The Legal Development Network offices are created and work with financial support of“Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.  Read more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space.

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