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In Kherson lawyers helped a woman to get her house back

A 70 year old woman with disabilities almost lost her house. Her relatives tried to evict her from her own house where she has been living for many years.

Only legal aid of Community Law Center has helped Natalia with her house. Halyna, Natalia’s sister, turned to the Center in August 2013. She explained the situation and stressed that Natalia has serious disabilities and cannot come herself. Natalia’s husband died in 2009. He was the owner of a house near Kherson, as stated in the certificate of ownership. Natalia, after his death, stayed alone in this house until other relatives expressed their wish to live in this house. Two daughters of her husband from a previous marriage arrived in the house and soon enough started to hint that this house is their heritage. They tried to evict Natalia, who was completely lost: she did not have the relevant documents of ownership. Moreover, she could not start proving and looking for papers as she was not able to walk by herself. Her sister Halyna decided to help her. She learned about Kherson Community Law Center and came for a consultation.

The lawyer explained her that accordingly to the Law Natalia was the heritor of the house. She lived with her husband, she continued to live in the house and she did not refuse the heritage. She was not obliged by the Law to prove her heritance. However, with this new situation she has to register relevant papers to keep her house.

However, it was difficult to get the ownership papers. The notary service refused to make her a certificate as she needed the copy of the purchase contract from the village council. The village council refused to provide it as she did not have the original ownership papers. It was a vicious circle. The Center’s lawyers decided to turn to Court. Kherson regional Court has ruled in favor of Natalia: she was named as the lawful heritor of 1/3 of the house. As the daughters did not fill an appeal complaint, the decision of the Court came into force. Now, the lawyers are helping Natalia to get all the papers of ownership. She cannot be evicted.

This story has a happy ending. However, she was able to get her house back only with the support of her sister and with legal aid of Community Law Center. Without them, Natalia would have ended in the streets, as she did not know about her rights and was unable to make all the necessary procedures. Do not be indifferent to people in need! Help them or ask for help on their behalf.

Additional Information: Community Law Center in Kherson was established with the support of the International “Renaissance” Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative” and is administrated by Kherson regional Committee of voters of Ukraine. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org




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