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Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC: residents of ATO zone provided with legal aid
Lawyer Oleksandr Levenets advises the resident of the village. Photo by Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC.
Lawyer Oleksandr Levenets advises the resident of the village.

Two legal information events and the reception of citizens were held in ATO zone by lawyers of Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC in May-June 2016. Aid was provided to residents of the villages of Shyroky, Nyzhnia Vilkhova and Teple, Luhansk region.

In Shyroky they dealt with problems of family law.

12 people attended legal information meeting held on May 26 in the village council and the local library.

“11 citizens with 13th issues came for individual assistance", told the head of the organization and LCC Mykola Phillipov. “Most of the applications were related to family matters, including divorce, division of property and real estate. The issues are rather complicated: missed deadlines, missing documents. Therefore, the assistance was in the form of extracts from legislation and writing applications to the relevant authorities".

Three questions were concerned the breach of contractual relations between the gas provider and Ukrtelecom. The Center's lawyer, Oleksandr Levenets helped make statements to the appropriate authorities with a demand in writing to substantiate the claim.

The lawyer had to consult on retirement, criminal and social protection.


Consultation in Shyroky. Photo by Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC.

Also during the meeting, people were worried why the law of Ukraine "On temporary measures in the ATO zone", "On appeals of citizens" and others are not implemented. Lawyers told about the provision of information and legal aid in Ukraine, work of Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC and a schedule of reception of citizens in the district. The villagers also learned how thay can remotely receive useful information and free legal aid through the services of the Legal Space website.

Issues of inheritance and social security dominated in Nyzhnia Vilkhova

The legal event in Nyzhnia Vilkhova community took place on 9 June in the premises of the village library. It consisted of personal reception of citizens and education part with the participation of the head of the institution Lidiia Tsubenko.

In addition to information about the opportunities and services provided by the library, people learned that here, with the support of International Renaissance Foundation a legal information booth was designed (pictured below), they also talked about the system of free legal aid in Ukraine and Stanitsa-Luhanska district in particular.


Mykola Phillipov with the library personnel near the legal information booth. Photo by Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC.


Consultation in Nyzhnia Vilkhova. Photo by Stanitsa-Luhanska LCC.

In the village of Teple lawyers had to advise not only those who came for legal aid. The disabled person who had the status of the Child of War was provided with it at home.

The project "Provision of comprehensive legal aid, information and legal support of the community in the ATO zone" is implemented by Stanitsa-Luhanska Law Community Center with the support of International Renaissance Foundation and with the help of partners: Vilkhova village council and Stanitsa-Luhanska district centralized library system.

P.S. Offices of the Legal Development Network are created and work in the framework of the "Legal aid to the poor and vulnerable groups” Initiative with the financial support of “Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. Read more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space.

The opinion of the International Renaissance Foundation cannot coincide with the point of view of authors of publication.

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