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How lawyers aided in increasing alimony

Father paid 100 UAH monthly to support disabled child. His mother proved her right to receive 800 UAH as alimony in court.

After the divorce, that parent who doesn’t live with child has to pay alimony. However, almost no one knows that apart from alimony, the parent who lives with child has the right to obtain additional support connected to the child care. All of these moments can be regulated, as Iryna from Bila Tserkva successful did.

Iryna from Bila Tserkva brings up minor disabled son. She had to turn to court in order to receive alimony. In May, 2003, the court filed a decision that child’s father should pay alimony counted as 1\6 of his earnings. Both sides have agreed upon 100 UAH monthly. It is impossible to imagine how a child can be brought up with this sum of money, especially considering the fact that Iryna needs 700 UAH monthly to purchase medicine and for boy’s rehabilitation. She also needs to buy clothes and products.

Even such minimal alimony was paid highly irregularly by an ex-husband, approximately once every 6 months. That is the reason why woman had to consult the Community law Center in Bila Tserkva.

The Center’s lawyer Maryna Lysych explained that the minimal sum of alimony is 30% of subsistence level. For 10-year old child that makes 363 UAH monthly. Mother also found out that she has the right to demand additional money. She started collecting documents to file a claim to increase alimony and to get additional money for bringing up a child.

Center’s lawyers filed a lawsuit. Child’s father proposed to pay 800 UAH monthly. Iryna accepted, as 800 UAH is much more reliable sum than 100 UAH.

The settlement is already signed and approved by the court.

Additional information: Bila Tserkva Community Law centeris set up by Bila Tserkva non-governmental organization “Pravova Yednist”.  Community Law Centers were established and work with the support of the International “Renaissance” Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative”. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org.

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