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Dvorichna deputees will vote for a free legal aid programme in November
Working group: participants are discussing free legal aid system in Dvorichna Working group: participants are discussing free legal aid system in Dvorichna

In Dvorichna (Kharkiv region) a free legal aid programme will be discussed and adopted in November. In October local deputees together with heads of village councils and representatives of Dvorichna Community Law Center held a series of meetings in Dvorichna regional council.

The elaboration of a free legal aid programme was a joint effort of local authorities and Dvorichna Community Law Center. They have discussed different ways of cooperation and agreeded on procedures for free legal aid in communities.  is ready to provide free legal aid and has valuable experience in this matter. Local authorities and self-governmental bodies are interested in the creation of a sustainable free legal aid systen and are now ready to fund it from local budgets.

The last meeting was opened by Ludmyla Kovtun, Head of “Foundation of village communities of Dvorichna”:

– We have elaborated recommendations for the local free legal aid programme that will be funded by Dvorichna regional council. We are now working on the finalisation of this programme.

HalynaTurbaba, Head of regional council, informed that the Law of Ukraine “On free legal aid” gives self-governmental bodies the possibility to choose between different ways of organizing a free legal aid system in their communities. The choice should be relevant to the size of communities, their peculiarities and specifics. There are three models of free legal aid systems: creation of a special institution, involvement of lawyers or of private legal bodies. For Halyna Turbaba, Dvorichna should consider involving lawyers to provide free legal aid. The draft programme will be finalised and presented to deputees in November.

All participants received the draft programme that will be included in the Social and economic regional development programme. Local deputees will now have to agree on the final version and find ways to fund it. Differentpeopletookpartinthediscussion: OleksandrPerepelytsya-Kolodyaznenskiy, Headofvillagecouncil; OlenaTregub, HeadoflocalStatetreasury; ViktorTatarenko, HeadoffinancialdepartmentofregionalStateAdministration; AndriyFomin, editor-in-chiefoflocalnewspaper “Dvorichnakrai”. This working group is headed by a deputy of regional council, Marianna Zhylyna, who is working mainly with social issues. She has set the deadline for 1 November 2013. The programme must be ready and forwarded to the regional council.

In Dvorichna, local authorities and public organizations are both interested in the creation of a sustainable free legal aid system. Putting together their experience and capacities, they hope to find the best way to organize such system in Dvorichna.

Additional Information: Community Law Center in Dvorichna was established with the support of the International “Renaissance” Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative” and is administrated by the Fund of rural communities of Dvorichna. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org

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