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Driver made patrol police respect law
Yuriy (left) and the lawyer of the Center Vitaly Babyka Photo by Lyudmyla Kovtun, RCFDD
Yuriy (left) and the lawyer of the Center Vitaly Babyka

The resident of Dvurechnaya Yuriy has about 30 years of driving experience and works as a truck driver, so he was very surprised by the accusations of the police in violation of traffic rules.

However, the policeman did not joke and issued a ruling in the case of an administrative offense, which indicated that the driver crossed the controlled intersection on the forbidding signal of the traffic light. So he granted a penalty of 425 UAH. All Yuriy's explanations that he was driving through the intersection on a green light, but due to the fact that the length of the car is 22 meters, finished the maneuver on a yellow light, were completely ignored, as well as the requirement to provide legal aid.

Such actions of the police greatly angered Yuriy and he was determined to appeal. However, it was not so easy because the man was on the business trip and was supposed to the return home the last day to appeal the ruling.

Knowing about the work of Dvurechnaya Law Community Centre, Yuri consulted its lawyer.

The Center's lawyer, Vitaly Babyka explained all the nuances of the appeal of the decision and suggested to send the documents necessary for applying to the court by mail.

After receiving the documents, Vitaly Babyka prepared an administrative claim for cancellation of the decision in the case of an administrative offense, and Yuri after returning from the trip submitted it to the Dvurechansky court.

The police did not even submitt objections to the claim. The court took into account evidence provided by the claimant and without hesitation granted the petition. The illegal decision was cancelled and the proceedings were closed.

On the same day Yuriy received the calling to the Executive Department with the requirement to pay the double fine, as required by law.

Yuriy, along with the lawyer came to the Executive Department and provided the decision of the court, after which enforcement proceedings for recovery of penalty were also closed.

Links on the ruling http://www.reyestr.court.gov.ua/Review/58059015

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