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Kharkiv judge and ATO combatant obtained benefits for children of ATO soldiers through courts
Oleksandr Mamaluy Photo: Facebook
Oleksandr Mamaluy

The district administrative court of Kyiv obliged the Cabinet of Ministers to develop a procedure for providing the state support to the children of ATO combatants. This was the claim of the judge, ATO participant Oleksandr Mamaluy.

This fact is reported by Kharkiv news web portal.

On June 17 Oleksandr Mamaluy revealed the details of the case won on his Facebook page. In particular, he wrote:

“This is a present for all parents – ATO participants in the Donbas. Both for the living and the dead ones. Please note - no protests, posters, journalists and crowds of people wearing camouflage on trial. Because Justice sounds good!

On May 14 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law 425-VII. According to the law, children of participants in combat operations in the Donbas and Maidan protesters were supposed to be granted the following measures of the state support:

  • Full or partial payment of education due to the budget;
  • Obtaining long-term loans for education on preferential terms;
  • Free textbooks;
  • Social scholarships;
  • Free use of databases and the Internet in state and municipal institutions;
  • Free accommodation in the dormitory;
  • Other activities in accordance with the Procedure approved by the Cabinet.

However, the provisions about who exactly what benefits “deserve” (depend on the status - children of the dead ATO combatants, children of the injured, children of the living and uninjured soldiers ), that is, the procedure of the provision had to be developed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through a separate Regulation.

Without such Regulation the law is just a stillborn declaration of good intentions and cannot be used. And is not applied.

The Cabinet was assigned the term - within one month from the date of publication of the Law.

To 06.07.2015 the Cabinet of Ministers had not done this until now. Although, it had to 11 months ago.

1) In my lawsuit the court recognized the inaction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as illegal.

2) The Cabinet is obliged by the court to comply with the Law and develop a Procedure of providing state support for the fighters.

On the entry of the court decision into force it should be done immediately..."


A fragment of Oleksandr Mamaluy’s post on his Facebook page.

Also Oleksandr Mamaluy added link to the court decision into the Unified State Register of Court Decisions.


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