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Illegal reprimands vanished like ice in the sun

Unfortunately, some employers still do not honor the labor law. Thus, in one of the institutions of Chuhuiv in Kharkiv region an employee was illegally imposed the disciplinary sanction in the form of reprimands three times within six months.

Probably, the head just did not like the man. However, not wanting to be a kind of "whipping boy" for the head, the employee addressed lawyers of Chuhuiv human rights group for help.

As it turned out that since September 2015 the incompetent head repeatedly issued orders that contradicted the legislation of Ukraine, but for the failure of most of these orders the employees were imposed disciplinary sanctions.

Due to the actions of specialists of Chuhuiv human rights group the situation was resolved finally. At the request of the employee the lawyers submitted the clarification of labor laws in writing to the head of the institution, stressing the illegality of the contested issuance of the reprimands and noting that in the case of their cancelling they will be challenged in the courts. Then the reprimand vanished like ice in the sun.

Aid was provided in the framework of the project "Center for the integration of primary and secondary free legal aid on the level of territorial communities of Kharkiv region" with the support of the Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation "Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine" implemented by the Canadian Bureau of International Education with the support of the Government of Canada.

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