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Pensioner became owner of land due to fixed bug in certificate
Lawyer Anastasia Ploshchinska with client Photo from achive of Podil Legal League
Lawyer Anastasia Ploshchinska with client

The pensioner from Khmelnytsky could remain without land because of the error in the state act. Lawyers of the public reception office of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union helped her correct the bug and issue the property right to the land plot.

Olena*, a resident of Khmelnytsky, has a land area of 0.21 ha. The woman grows vegetables, berries and herbs. When Olena decided to register ownership of the land, she failed as the state contained the mistake in the spelling of her last name. Olena’s friend advised her to contact the public reception office of UHHRU on the basis of Podil Legal League.

Lawyer Anastasia Ploshchinska listened carefully to the woman, studied the documents and made a claim for establishing the fact of belonging legal document. Khmelnitsky city court ruled in favor of the applicant. Now the pensioner can register her right to land.

*The name of the heroine is changed for ethical reasons

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