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Error in workbook corrected through court

The resident of the village of Liman managed to correct her surname in the workbook through lawsuit. Tatyana Drugyi worked at the enterprise for many years, in very harmful conditions. When it was time to enjoy the "deserved rest", Tatyana appealed to the Pension Fund for the retirement pension.

She filed all the necessary documents, but received a formal denial of the pension. The refusal was caused by "the presence of hotfix of the name in workbook". Officials of the Pension Fund recommended Tatiana to apply to the enterprise administration for the provision of the confirmation that the woman did work for them. Or to go to court.

Such a recommendation put Tatiana in a hopeless situation, because part of the organization she worked in no longer existed. But the woman had the frustrating experience of going to court, so she was very frightened of this prospect.

Following her friends’ advice Tatiana appealed to Dvurechensky Law Community Centre. The Center's lawyer Vitaly Babyka listened carefully to the woman and tackled her problems.

He told what documents had to be collected for the appeal to the court. Feeling the support, Tatiana believed that her issue could be resolved. She quickly gathered the documents and met again with the lawyer. Vitaly Babyka made a statement on establishing the fact of the availability of the workbook and gave Tatiana tips on how to behave during the trial.

The court was persuaded by the Complainant and produced the decision in Tatiana’s favor. With this decision the woman again addressed the Department of the Pension Fund and this time there was no impediment to granting the retirement.

Link to the court's decision http://www.reyestr.court.gov.ua/Review/56569047

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