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Good neighbours set dispute for land peacefully
  • Written by Nadia Klimuk, Volyn regional public organization “Center of Legal Aid”
  • Published in  Success stories

Officials made a mess in the documents and did not issue the privatization in favour of the owner of the land, the resident of Kovel *, but in favour of his neighbour. Petro’s son had to fix the error when he started registering the inheritance after his father's death.

Petro used the plot of land for construction in a village in Kovel district for many years. In 2014 he died and his son Mukola* started making hereditary land documents. But it turned out that their land was occasionally privatized by the neighbour. That is, in fact, the land belonged to his father, and legally - according to the documents, to the neighbour.

The man didn't know how to solve this misunderstanding, so having used the advice of the notary he appealed to Kovel Law Community Centre that works on the basis of Volyn regional public organization "Center of legal aid". The lawyer of the Center advised Mykola first to find out the whereabouts of the neighbour and figure out why there was such an unfortunate situation.

Employees of the village council provided information about the neighbour. Mykola got in touch with him immediately. In conversation it turned out that neighbour had already sold the land to other people and now he is not the owner of this land. He was sorry about this unpleasant situation and the last thing he wanted was to go to court. The neighbour sincerely believed that he had privatized and sold his own land.

Under the contract of purchase and sale they found a new owner of the site. The lawyer contacted her and explained the circumstances of the case. The woman also did not want judicial red tape and was eager to resolve the problem peacefully.

Thus, they all came to the State Cadastral Registrar for clarification and further settlement of the case. The Registrar commented on the peaceful settlement of the problem and the production of documents necessary for the resolution of all issues. Now Mykola already issued the necessary papers to the land and became the legal owner of the land of his father.

*The names of heroes are changed for ethical reasons

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