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Pensioner’s written claim made state executive service work like mad
  • Written by Mykola Filippov, "Stanitsa Luhanska Law Community Center"
  • Published in  Success stories
Lawyer of Center Oleksandr Levenets talks to visitor Photo by Mykola Filippov
Lawyer of Center Oleksandr Levenets talks to visitor

In the Stanitsa Luhanska district due to a reasonable complaint the pensioner received information from executive service on performance of the judgment. Officials explained the unwillingness to work with lack of access to the state register.

In August the resident of one of villages of Stanitsa Luhanska, which is at 70 kilometers from the district, addressed the Law Community Center. The old woman who has the status of a war child asked lawyers for help. The executive department of Stanitsa Luhanska justice department does not hurry to enforce the judgment about collecting debt in favor of the pensioner.

In particular, officials refused to provide information on the arrest of property of the defendant in her case. They explained refusal with having no access to the state register. However, they offered the old woman to go to the other districts of Luhansk region where there is access to registers and there independently to obtain necessary information.

But the pensioner is 74 years old. It is obviously hard for her to take such long distance voyages. Also she can’t afford travel costs.

The lawyer of the Center helped her file a reasonable statement of claim to the executive department of the Main Department of Justice of Luhansk region. And the complaint worked. The pensioner received the official answer that the property of the debtor had already been seized.

On November 5, Stanitsa Luhanska Law Community Center reported that access to the state registers is available at last. It means that since now residents of the district, for example, do not have go to the other district to take an extract from the register in order either to register private enterprise or to close it. Therefore, the rights of residents of the Luhansk region are restored due to the persistent work of lawyers of Stanitsa Luhanska Law Community Center.

Let us remind that Stanitsa Luhanska is under control of the Government of Ukraine for more than a year, but not all services still fulfill their duties. For today there remain strategic questions in regard to renewal of work of district court, the notary, justice departments, prosecutor's offices, police. Also it deals with the renewal of means of communication, television, transport connection between front areas and other regions of Ukraine.

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