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Corrected error in State Certificate allowed pensioner using her land
  • Written by Lyudmyla Kovtun, NGO "Dvorichansky Rural Communities Foundation”
  • Published in  Success stories

The pensioner Galyna Brazhnik from the village of Kamenka in Kharkiv region couldn't rent the land plot owned by her long enough. The reason was officials wrote the wrong surname of the woman in the State Certificate On Land Ownership. Lawyers of the Dvorichansky Law Community Center helped Galyna correct the error in the Certificate through court.

Galyna lives alone, receives the minimum pension. She could earn some extra income when renting out her land plot, but she was not permitted to do it because of the error in the document.

All attempts to have a talk with officials were vain. The standard answer the woman received from civil servants: "Appeal to court and correct the error"! After such answers Galyna almost lost hope her issue to be resolved.

Galyna could not afford pay court fee (about 500 UAH) or a lawyer.

However, in the village council she was advised to address Dvorichansky Law Community Center. After consultation with specialists of the Center Galyna authorized the lawyer Vitaly Babyka to represent her interests in court.

The lawyer asked potential tenants of the land plot to help with payment of court fee. One of them agreed to pay charge for filing a claim in court against future rent payments. After that the lawyer of the Center collected all necessary documents, prepared the statement of claim and presented Galyna’s in court.

The judge passed the decision in favor of the pensioner. Now Galyna can sign the Land Lease Agreement and gain extra income she obviously needs.

P.S. Community Law Centers are created and work in the framework of the "Legal aid to the poor and vulnerable groups” Initiative with the financial support of the “Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation. Read more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on the website "LegalSpace".

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