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Complaints of even small landowners are accepted

Often small landowners face the fact that rent contracts are violated. They often do not fight for their rights and legal interests. However, legal practice of Chuhuev human rights group proves that people can achieve justice with legal support from lawyers.

Stepan Kryvenko* and “AZ*” enterprise of Pechenih region of Khrakiv oblast signed a rent agreement on the plot of land of 6.9603 ha for 15 years. Land tenant constantly violated the contract: he made irregular and incomplete payments.

After Stepan’s death, his brother Vitaliy* became his legitimate heir. He also had to remind land tenant on his obligations – with no results. Besides, Vitaliy did not want to argue with enterprise as he lives in other region of Kharkiv oblast and visits his land area irregularly.

In April, Vitaliy saw an announcement on legal consultations of Resource center on land issues of Chuhuev human rights group in Artemivka.

After consultations with Chuhuev human rights group’s head, lawyer Roman Lykhachov, Vitaliy understood that conversations with land tenants would not bring any results. As he still did not receive payments for 2014, he decided to write a complaint, and to go to court if his demands will not be satisfied.

Lawyers helped him to file a complaint and sent it to “AZ” enterprise. In May, Vitaliy celebrated his legal victory – land tenant paid him all the debt and 5% fine according to their contract.

Thus, demands of small landowners can be fulfilled if they obtain professional legal aid.

*Names are changed due to ethical reasons.

Legal aid is provided within the implementation of the project “Empowerment of ATO participants in realization of their property rights and protection of rights of landowners in Khmelnitskiy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions” financed by the International “Renaissance” Foundation.

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