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A unique Administrative Service Center has opened in Trostyanets
Урочисте відкриття Центру (зліва направо: міський голова Бова Юрій,  консультант проекту Заяц Анатолій, заступник голови Сумської ОДА Яговдик Ігор) Урочисте відкриття Центру (зліва направо: міський голова Бова Юрій, консультант проекту Заяц Анатолій, заступник голови Сумської ОДА Яговдик Ігор)

Trostyanets in Sumy oblast has become the first city of regional significance to launch the work of Administrative Support Center. It has become possible due to the productive mutual work of Trostyanets Community Law Center and city council.

From now on, Trostyanets city council specialists give administrative support to citizens in one room, so that visitors are no longer obliged to wander numerous offices to find a specialist they need.  In city council’s hall there is even a sector for consultations. An official welcomes and informs visitors on the problems solving and state of case hearing in the city council. He also helps to fill in all the necessary application forms.

This project enabled technical reequipment of work places of all city council’s officials. Each work place is equipped with modern computer and organizational facilities, connected by single local network, and Internet. Due to the electronic document management system which is currently being implemented, people can check the status of their application. Moreover, citizens can now obtain all the information about the services of the city council and all the necessary documents from the informational terminal in city council’s hall and from home – on the municipal web-page with separate section on the Center’s activity.

Alina Shatska, city council’s secretary, is certain: “As we have opened the Center, city authorities took responsibility to give services of better quality. It is very important for the people of Trostyanets – they are now able to solve their problems more comfortably, and quicker.”

Now, in the city’s Administrative Service Center specialists perform 46 kinds of services: issuing of various forms, ratification of tariffs, technical documentation, grant of permission to place outdoor advertising, to register citizens etc. In the nearest time, the number of services will be expanded by involvement of experts from executive authorities: State migration service, State agency of land resources of Ukraine, tax services.

Specialists expect such project results: quality improvement of services given, increase of services quantity up to 7 000 citizens per year, increase of effectiveness of usage of budget costs, and, what is very important, prevention of possible corruption cases and increase of trust level towards authorities.


Reference: Trostyanets Community Law Center is set up by Trostyanets Entrepreneurs Union. Community Law Centers were established and work with the support of the International “Renaissance” Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative”. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.pravo.prostir.ua (“Community Law Centers”)

Edited by Kherson regional Charity and Health Foundation fmz sm

The points of view reflected in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily coincide with the point of view of the International “Renaissance” Foundation.


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