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How to get alimony for a student?

A woman proved in court that her ex-husband should pay alimony to her son of a full legal age until he finishes studying.

Olena N. asked for help from the Community Law Center founded by Chuhuev human rights group supported by International Renaissance Foundation. She explained that she divorced her husband in 2000, brings up her son by herself, and gets no help from her ex-husband.

Her son Oleksandr graduated school successfully and entered the university despite having no support from his father. Now he is a full-time student in one of the Kharkiv universities, and has no time to work. However, he needs money for food, housing, clothes, transport etc. Olena’s earnings are not very big, and it is hard for her to bring up the son all by herself. That is why their family’s financial situation is quite difficult.

When Olena asked her ex-husband for help (not for herself, but for his son!), he refused, telling that “his son is not a child anymore”, as he is already 18 years old.

However, Darya Yanushchyk, the lawyer of Community Law Center, told woman that according to the Family Code of Ukraine if children of full legal age continue studying and need financial support, parents are obliged to help them until they are 23 years old.

The head of Chuhuev human rights group, lawyer Roman Lykhachov advised Olena to bring a lawsuit to the court and helped her to apply there.

Recently, Chuhuev city court of Kharkiv region made a decision that Olena’s husband has to pay alimony for his son of a full legal age – 1\6 of all income monthly, starting from the day of filing a lawsuit and until his son graduates from the university but no longer than until he is 23 years old.

Ex-husband did not appeal, that is why court’s decision entered in force, and Oleksandr received financial support to continue his studying and to get higher education.

Due to the fact that Community Law Center works in Chuhuev for 2 years, citizens of the city and of the region can regularly get consultations, obtain free legal aid. In cases when legal problem is hard to solve, professional lawyers help citizens with appropriate actions.

Additional Information: Community Law Centersare established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Rule of law” programme. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here:www.legalspace.org

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