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Family from Stanislav receives a house free of charge
  • Written by Ella Petrenko, Head of Bilozerka Community Law Center
  • Published in  Success stories

A large family from Stanislav (Kherson region) is moving to a bigger house that was uninhabited for many years. Community Law Center’s lawyer consulted Stanislav village council and the family on this matter.

Local village councils have a serious issue with left houses that are left from unrequested heritage. During visits to remote villages, people complained that big and comfortable houses are left unoccupied while large families have to stay in small apartments. These situations in most cases are due to problems with papers and registration. But qualified help from a local Community Law Center lawyer can help resolve the issue. Dmytro Sukhanov, Bilozerka Community Law Center’s lawyer, can be proud that he helped Stanislav village council to register one of those uninhabited houses and put it in good hands of local community.

Stanislav, a small village in Kherson region, had an empty house. Itsownersdiedin 2009. After their death, nobody registered this house as a property of Stanislav community. The heir refused to accept the heritage and left the house as it was. Accordingly to the Law of Ukraine, local self-governmental bodies can claim this property. In July 2013, the Community Law Center’s lawyer registered the needed documents and Bilozerka regional Court approved this by its decision. In December 2013 Stanislav community became owner of the house. As of now, the lawyer is helping a large family to move to this house accordingly to the legislation of Ukraine.

Additional Information: Community Law Center in Bilozerka was established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Rule of law” programme and is administrated by the Bilozerka Center of regional development. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here:www.legalspace.org

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