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Subsidy is to blame for the heating debts
  • Written by Oksana Pastukh, Informational Resource Center “Legal Space”
  • Published in  Success stories

Late payment for housing and communal services is a big problem for public utility services officials. But it turns out that a person can become a debtor because of the State’s fault, when it delays the payment of subsidies because of the lack of funds in the State budget.

That is the case for Community Law Center’s lawyers in Snizhne. Pensioner Sergiy Vasylyovych turned to them for help. He had a notice from the heating utility service on the debt from October 2011 to April 2012 amounted to 150.75 UAH. Other notice from the same organization informed that in June-July 2013 debt amounted to 116.51 UAH. Thus, total sum of debt amounted to more than 317 UAH. As Sergiy Vasylyovych said, he paid for heating services in time, has housing subsidy and turned to the officials for explanations. None were given.

Community Law Center’s lawyer started defending pensioner’s rights. He received notices on heating debt from Sergiy Vasylyovych and heating service network, and compared payments with factual monthly sums paid by the consumer and current subsidies. It turned out, that the pensioner has no debt. Problems occurred because the Department of labor and social security in Snizhne paid subsidy irregularly due to the lack of financing from Ukraine State budget.

Thus, pensioner’s debt was not because of his fault, but because of the State which irregularly pays housing subsidies to the heating service. Lawyers from Snizhne proved this.

Additional Information: Community Law Center in Snizhne was established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Rule of law” program. You can learn more on the Centers’ network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org

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