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Lawyers helped an IDP retiree resume social benefits
Lawyers helped an IDP retiree resume social benefits Photo courtesy of dt.ua

A pensioner, an IDP from Luhansk, applied to Severodonetsk office of the Legal Development Network. The husband asked to help him resume his pension payment, which, due to the hard circumstances, he did not receive for several years. The algorithm of the actions, suggested by a lawyer, will be useful to anyone who found oneself in a similar situation.

Petro Dyachenko* explained employees of the Office at the NGO "Civil Platform" that he had already registered and received a pension in Odessa, where, with the commencement of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, he moved to his brother. But soon his brother died, and Petro was forced to return to Luhansk. Since then his retirement benefits ceased. However, the pensioner subsequently left the zone that was not controlled by Ukraine for Severodonetsk, to his nephew, who offered him a shelter. Petro agreed, and for a year he lives here.

At the moment, the pensioner needed advice and legal aid - he wanted to arrange documents to receive his pension and social benefits again.

The lawyer of the Office Serhii Boldar explained Petro what he had to do:

1. To contact the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the city of Severodonetsk and issue an IDP certificate at the new residence address in order to arrange social assistance. Checking at the place of residence should be expected at least 2 weeks, but this does not interfere with the following actions.

2. To open an account in the Oshchadbank and receive 2 cards: one for receiving a pension, another - for social benefits. To receive a reference on opening the account for granting to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) in Severodonetsk.

3. To apply to the PFU in Severodonetsk with a statement on the request of a personal pension affair from Odessa and renewal of payment of pension at the new place of residence.

Also, at the same time, the PFU should submit documents for the issuance of an electronic pension certificate (photocopies and original: passport, identification code, resettlement certificate, certificate of opening an account in the Oshchadbank).

“Such a procedure for the restoration of social benefits is currently regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd June 8, 2016, No. 365 "On Certain Issues of Implementation of Social Payments of IDPs". According to Clause 3 of Article 7 of the Law "On the Guaranteeing of the Rights and Freedoms of IDPs", the state ensures the implementation of the rights of internally displaced persons for pension provision and social services", the lawyer commented.

After receiving the consultation, Petro understood the step-by-step procedure for renewal of social benefits. And the lawyer promised him to continue providing free legal aid, if necessary.

*The name is changed for ethical reasons.

P.S. Offices of Legal Development Network are created and work with the financial support of Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Network, basics and principles of work on Legal Space website.

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