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The bank blocked the account: how the client restored access to child benefits
  • Written by Ella Petrenko, Bilozerka Center for Regional Development
  • Published in  Success stories
The bank blocked the account: how the client restored access to child benefits Photo from Google

Any bank customer may face the problem with blocking his or her account. Arguing about committing criminal operations through the account, or suspected of fraud, banks unconditionally block it, denying access for people to their own funds. A similar situation was solved by the lawyer of Bilozerka Office of the Legal Development Network. The lawyer filed a complaint to the bank, in which he substantiated the wrongful act of the institution that had blocked access to child benefits.

Mykola Vilnyi* appealed to Legal Development Network office at the Bilozerka Center for Regional Development, and told that the bank had blocked his account. His family has no opportunity to withdraw funds for several weeks.

In the call center of the bank, Mykola was told that the account was blocked on suspicion of committing fraud with funds. And the issue of unblocking accounts will be resolved later.

The man claims that he did not commit any illegal actions, and did not see the reasons for blocking the account, and considers the actions of the bank unlawful.

The lawyer of the office Vyacheslav Liakh studied the circumstances of the case, conducted an analysis of the legislation on this issue and informed Mykola that the law is on his side.

The lawyer noted that the bank really began to operate unlawfully, and there is a need to protect the rights of the client.

Vyacheslav Liakh prepared a reasonable complaint against the actions of the bank's officials.

The complaint said that the bank illegally blocked the card account. Arrest of accounts may be imposed only if there is a corresponding court decision or a resolution of the state executor.

Stopping financial transactions is carried out within two business days from the date of suspension (inclusive), but not for the period, during which the account was blocked. Actually, on the third day the bank had to unlock it.

Thus, the complaint stated that the bank was authorized to block the account for only 2 days and within the amount of the suspicious transaction, and the law enforcement agency has the right to block the account for only one month.

The client of the Bilozerka Office sent a letter of complaint to the bank for the purpose of pre-trial settlement of the dispute and the obligation to restore access to the card account. The bank satisfied the client's request.

The name is changed for ethical reasons.

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