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Almost half of Ukrainians do not know about organizations that protect their rights - research
  • Written by Center for Human Rights Information
  • Published in  News

Almost half of Ukrainians do not know anything about the activities of human rights organizations. Only about 9% of the polled Ukrainians indicated that they are quite well-informed about the activities of such organizations, while about 42% have some limited information, and about 49% do not know anything about them.

This is evidenced by the results of a nationwide sociological study entitled "Human Rights in Ukraine" conducted from October 22 to November 6, 2016 by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the "Ukrainian Sociology Service", commissioned by the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine and in cooperation with Center for Human Rights Information and Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

According to the study, the level of awareness about the activities of human rights organizations in the Western region is slightly higher, where about 39% do not know anything about the activities of human rights organizations; however, the proportion of the well-informed people in the Western region is not different from others. The worst level of awareness on this issue is in the Southern region, where the level of complete ignorance reaches 59%.

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At the same time, the Chair of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Deputy Director of Kharkiv Human Rights Group Oleksandr Pavlichenko believes that compared to the past, such results are not bad.

The Head of the Center for Civil Liberties Oleksandr Matviychuk estimates the results of the study more pessimistically:

“A wonderful illustration that human rights organizations work to protect human rights in a ghetto, beyond which people do not even suspect their existence”.

According to the study, older people are less knowledgeable about human rights organizations (60% of them do not know about such activities), while awareness of young people and middle-aged people is roughly the same. But among the younger age groups, the limited but not good awareness prevails (only about 10% of the respondents declared the latter in both younger age categories).

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Also, in this issue there is a connection with the level of education. In particular, the share of those familiar with the activities of such organizations is increasing as the degree of education increases, and, conversely, the decline in the level of education reduces the proportion of the uninformed. Although significant differences exist only between the two groups - persons with incomplete/complete secondary education and persons with secondary specialized education/higher education).

By analyzing the dependence of results from age and education, the authors of the study suggest that interest in the work of human rights organizations is greater both among younger people and among more educated people.

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