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How citizens evaluate quality of courts in Kherson region

What is to be done to make courts more accessible and comfortable for visitors and legal information more comprehensive and clear? These are the questions the public and judges of Kherson region discussed on June 16 during the presentation of the results of the survey of visitors to courts in Kherson region, held by the youth public organization "New Generation" in partnership with CF "CCC Creative Center" (Kyiv).

New police motto is “Human rights are main priority!”?!

“Human Rights Day is both the holiday and reminder to all of us of the importance of asserting our rights, neglecting which may push us to the abyss”.
Oleksandra Baklanova, PRO.MOVA analytical center

In December in Kherson region two significant events took place simultaneously: training of field officers and holding the XII Docudays UA Travelling Festival. It would be quite unwise not to arrange the screening of the best documentaries for future police officers.

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