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Legal Services at Kyiv train station

Over 100 soldiers visit daily a volunteer point of aid to ATO participants at the Southern Station in Kyiv. Some people are going to ATO zone, others are coming back home. They can drink tea, wait for the train, talk to other combatants, charge their mobile phones, read some useful literature at the recreation point.

State limited social benefits for members of families of lost ATO combatants

“My father died because of an illness caused by military service. It is specified in the medical certificate. Having collected a lot of documents, my mother and I managed to receive the certificates of members of the family of the fallen soldier and to receive a 50% discount on the utility bills. The mother's certificate is valid for life time or until she gets married for the second time. The mine is valid until my majority. But since July of this year it’s not valid. I re-read the Law “About the Status of Veterans of War, a Guarantee of Their Social Protection” that affirms the right, but didn't find any changes. Please, explain why the benefits have been abolished. On the basis of what normative legal act?” This is the question Olena asked in a chat room of “Legal Space”.

Legal aid to participants of anti-terrorist operation and their families

Starting from February 2015, lawyers of five Community Law Centers united their efforts in order to ensure free legal aid for participants of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and their families. Success-stories, best-practices and legal consultations are published on “Legal Space” web-platform in “Legal advice for ATO participants” and “Legal consultations” sections. Moreover, visitors can get on-line legal information from a qualified lawyer via chat, forum and hot lines.

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