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Legal Space develops a Roadmap to improve control over beautification of Kherson

Information Resource Center "Legal Space" is currently working fruitfully on an important project for Kherson residents - the creation of a Roadmap "Improving local self-government control in accordance with the rules of beautification". The main objective of the project is to develop new rules for monitoring the city's amenities, which will be acceptable to all interested parties, and consolidate them at the legislative level. The first step towards project implementation was the preparation of an analytical note that was recently presented by project experts Valerii Vetrov and Larysa Leonova.

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The story of a blind pensioner: the first and successful step to free legal aid

The resident of Kherson Andrii Chukhray learned about an opportunity to receive help in Office of the Legal Development Network at the IRC "Legal Space" for a happy occasion: he was listening to the radio broadcast, devoted to the theme of free legal aid. It was at that time that he extremely needed the lawyer's help - and everything appeared even better than the man could imagine.

Kherson developer illegally denies housing

Violations of the construction legislation in Kherson with the connivance of local officials and law enforcement are gradually becoming a normal practice. The residents of Kherson try to resist illegal buildings, whose owners believe that having money or connections you can do everything: to capture the community land, to ignore the project demands and even deprive their neighbors of homes.

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