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Acquaintance with chiefs of Legal Aid Bureau offices
Volodymyr Orlovsky, Maryna Yeliseeva, Natalia Bimbirayte and Anna Martyniuk Photo by Maksym Magda
Volodymyr Orlovsky, Maryna Yeliseeva, Natalia Bimbirayte and Anna Martyniuk

On August 8 in Kherson the newly appointed chiefs of the Bureau offices in the region gathered for the first time at the inception meeting. They came to meet with colleagues and leadership to see how best to organize the work of the Bureau, learn from the experience of local and regional centers of free secondary legal aid in Kherson region.

At the invitation of Maryna Yeliseeva, Director of Regional centre for providing free secondary legal aid in Kherson region, partners joined the event, particularly the team of the Information Resource Center "Legal Space".

Director Natalia Bimbirayte presented Legal Development Network and Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. She told about these organizations that have long experience in the provision of primary legal aid in Ukraine. Also Natalia Bimbirayte presented the Legal Space website. She suggested cooperation with the Bureau on legal aid to the military, information support.

Coordinator of the web portal Anna Martyniuk recommended to recruit volunteers, legal advisors who live in the district and attend seminars held by IRC "Legal Space". She promised to share the contacts upon request.

The lawyer of the web portal Volodymyr Orlovsky distributed leaflets with phone numbers of hot lines for ATO participants and members of their families.

In the future such meetings will be held in other cities. Except Kherson on August 8 the seminar was held in Poltava. As a reminder, more than 400 offices of the Legal Aid Bureau will begin work on 1 September 2016. They will act as structural units of local centers providing free secondary legal aid. It is assumed that the main task of these centers will be:

  • rise of legal awareness, culture and education of the population;
  • provision of free primary legal aid and free secondary legal aid;
  • provision of access to electronic services of the Ministry of Justice.

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