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ATO combatants have to fight for benefits
ATO combatants during training in Skadovsky regional job center Photo by Anna Martynyuk, IRC "Legal Space"
ATO combatants during training in Skadovsky regional job center

Fifteen ATO combatants who had returned from Eastern Ukraine recently, quickly understood it. They decided to find out what social benefits are provided to them, which ones are real and what rights are guaranteed only on paper.

On October 29 civil society activists conducted training for them, provided legal consultations. The event was initiated by Skadovsky regional job center where they were recorded.

At first the chairman of the board of Skadovsk Women's Center "Revival of the Nation" Valentina Ponomarenko told participants about self-help schools in Israel, initiated efficient communication between them and lawyers of Community Law Centers Network Volodymyr Orlovskiy and Vera Shulgina.

Lawyer of Kherson Charity and Health Regional Foundation Volodymyr Orlovskiy presented the list of all social benefits provided by the current legislation to ATO combatants and those provided to disabled veterans. He also told about procedure of registration of nation-wide privileges. Soldiers were especially interested in issues related to land plots granted by the state, the right to additional annual leave and sanatorium treatment.

Lawyer of NGO "Skadovsk region - My Native Land" Vera Shulgina told about privileges provided to soldiers by local government, acquainted them with decisions of Skadovsky city council. The last provided the right for free food at schools and kindergartens to children of ATO combatants, told about procedure of receiving sanatorium vouchers.

Anna Martyniuk, coordinator of Legal Space, showed work of chat room and “24 hours Lawyer Consultation" service. She explained that online consultations last on average 40 minutes. She also explained how to use library of the web portal and where to find booklets "The Rights of a Reservist During Mobilization", "Social Benefits for ATO Participants", the brochure "Tutorial for Defenders of the Homeland", contacts of lawyers of Community Law Centers Network and other useful tips.

After the event Volodymyr Orlovskiy carried out personal reception of citizens and provided legal aid concerning servicemen rights protection to everyone.

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Photo by Anna Martyniuk and Volodymyr Orlovskiy, IRC "Legal Space"

Community Law Centers Network works in partnership with Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation and Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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