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Community Law Center Network. Creation and prospects.
First general meeting of members of Community Law Center Network Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
First general meeting of members of Community Law Center Network

On Friday, October 9 the first General Meeting of Community Law Center Network was held in the Olympiysky National Sports Complex. Heads of 36 centers, who signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, are joyfully welcoming each other, preparing for the meeting.

The first speakers were Board member of the Network Olena Matviychuk and Coordinator of the Human Right and Justice Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation Olga Galchenko. Olena congratulated participants on registration and presented the program of work: “Today the Public Union “Community Law Center Network” is registered as an independent legal entity. 10 organizations are founders of the Union. Their powers stop at the time of registration. Therefore, today we have gathered for the first general meetings to accept members of the Union, to identify the goal and areas of work of the Network”.

Olga expressed hope that all Community Law Centers created with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation in 2007 will get stronger and work even more actively on ensuring access to justice for needy people, continue providing free primary legal aid in communities.

Guests of the event, Deputy Director of the Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing Vitaly Baiev and Manager of the “Accessible and High-Quality Legal Aid in Ukraine" project Oksana Kikot’ told about conditions of a grant contest. Now there are new opportunities for organizations that work at the level of local communities and are engaged in providing legal aid, protecting human rights, raising law-awareness. Representatives of the centers were encouraged to write projects and win funding for implementing new ideas. For more details about the contest please click here.

Then the vote began. There were discussed the following questions: acceptance of new members, election of Chairman of the Board and Deputy Chairman, requirements for a position of Executive Director of Community Law Center Network.

Network members identified areas of work for the next year: legal aid to internally displaced persons, aid to ATO participants, counteracting discrimination, training paralegals and reconciliation (mediation) in community. Participants interested in work of each of the streams united in working groups.

Till next time they will be working on the substantive content and presentation of the streams.

Olena Matviychuk from Volyn regional public organization "Centre of Legal Aid" was elected Chairman of the Board, Andriy Misiats from Khmelnytskyi regional public organization "Podolsky Legal League” became her Deputy.

After the meeting Olena wrote on her Facebook page: "I am proud of having supported this historical event and now is Chairman of the Board of the strongest and best Network of civil society organizations providing free primary legal aid. Well done! Many thanks to all participants and today's members of our Community Law Center Network for participation in the event, for your inspiration and for plans that we together will surely realize! We are sincerely grateful to Roman Romanov, Olga Galchenko and Olga Zhmurko from the International Renaissance Foundation for opportunity to grow in the Network, to strengthen legal opportunities of the population and to promote development of our communities”.

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