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In Kherson free legal aid providers will sign the Memorandum
Participants of the first working meeting IRC “Legal Space”. Photo by Natalya Bimbirayte.
Participants of the first working meeting

On September 2, 2015 there was held the first working meeting devoted to the interactions of organizations that provide free primary and secondary legal aid. The meeting took place on the initiative of the Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation and Kherson regional center of free secondary legal aid.

At the beginning of the meeting the head of the regional Center Maryna Yeliseyeva acquainted the audience with the areas of work of the centers of free secondary legal aid, enumerated topical issues that arise in the course of the interaction of organizations that provide primary and secondary legal aid.

After that participants presented the organizations, told about the specifics of their activities and shared their own experience. The head of the Information Resource Centre “Legal Space” Natalya Bimbirayte told about opportunities to consult the lawyer on the Legal Space portal using the chat room and the heading “24 Hours Lawyer Consultation”. The work of both services attracted special attention of the participants that considered each presentation as a source of prospects for interaction and mutual aid.

The meeting resulted in the agreement on signing the Memorandum of cooperation. Due to it the increase of efficiency of providing free legal aid (first of all, primary) and simplification of access to the above aid of different categories of citizens are expected.

Participants of the first working meeting:

  • The Association "Samopomich" Branch (D. Zaporozhets D.)
  • Bilozersky Community Law Center (A. Petrenko)
  • Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation (O. Staryuk, N. Kozarenko)
  • Public organization “IRC “Legal Space” (N Bimbirayte, V. Orgovskiy)
  • Public organization “Crimea SOS” (V. Balenko)
  • Kherson homeless people registration city center (N. Zabutna)
  • Community organization “Dobrodiya-Kherson” (L. Chaika)
  • Legal Clinic of Kherson State University (M. Novikov)
  • Entrepreneur G. Kabalyuk
  • Entrepreneur V. Glyan


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