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Launch of first online theater in Ukraine: “New heroes” are now on DOCU/SPACE

International documentary human rights film festival Docudays UA launched first online theatre in Ukraine on 26 March 2015. During the launching ceremony, three documentary movies from the “New heroes” series were screened: “South Border”, “Assol”, “Rotation”.

Festival’s participants had the opportunity to talk with authors, actors and Community Law Centers representatives. The three story are based on the work of activists, lawyers and volunteers who work in Community Law Centers in different regions of Ukraine.

DOCU/SPACE is the first online theatre in Ukraine. This site is hosting documentary movies on human rights. It was developed by “Pivden” public organization together with the festival’s team. AllmoviesareaboutUkraineandUkrainians: ordinarypeoplewhochangetheirlifeandthelifeofothersthrougheverydayhardwork, hopeandefforts.

«South border»

Movie authors follow Natalia Bimbiraite, coordinator of “Legal Space” web-platform during her volunteer travels to Ukrainian military bases. Indeed, Natalia is also working at Kherson center of military aid. She is bringing equipment and food to the southern borders near Crimea. Natalia represents a new form of Ukrainian civil society: efficient, patriotic and highly organized volunteers who are replacing State institutions and providing supplies for the army and for IDPs. Kherson was the first region of Ukraine to suffer from Russian aggression. Indeed, the border with Crimea suddenly became a conflict zone. A center of military aid was created by Natalia and her colleagues in 2014. The movie tells the story of Kherson volunteers ready to take risks to help their country.


“Assol” story starts in 2009 when Ukrainian ship is captured by Somali pirates. The crew has been hold captive for many months. Their relatives decided to unite their efforts in order to force Ukrainian officials take action and save our sailors. The team of family members after their first victory created a special center for legal aid to Ukrainian sailors in Odessa. They are now providing legal consultations.


Chernihiv 13 battalion has been stationed more than six months in anti-terrorist operation zone. The battalion was guarding Ukrainian borders and had to face constant bombing from Russian side. Soldiers’ relatives turned to human rights defenders and asked for their help to bring their boys home. Indeed, accordingly to military rules, soldiers should be regularly rotated. It is inhuman to spent months and months without rest in occupied territories. Their parents decided to do everything to help them.

Film by Sergiy Lysenko; operator: Andriy Lysetskiy; sound: Borys Peter; producer and coordinator: Natalia Bimbiraite. Produced by Kherson regional charity and health fund together with International documentary human rights film festival Docudays UA.

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