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First All-Ukrainian Forum of volunteers took place in Kherson
Учасниця першого Форуму волонтерів у Херсоні, 27 березня 2015 року Фото Анни Мартинюк, «Правовий простір»
Учасниця першого Форуму волонтерів у Херсоні, 27 березня 2015 року

172 volunteers from Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhya, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv regions and Kyiv adopted a resolution. They demand legislation improvement and creation of mechanism of realization of adopted laws, which regulate the activities of charity organizations and volunteers in Ukraine.

The first All-Ukrainian Forum of volunteers started with a greeting from Hryhoriy Yanchenko from Kherson who has recently become the winner of national contest “Benefactor of the year” in nomination “Benefactor – individual”. He is ex-military, an elder person with disability, and has raised and gave more than 300 000 UAH of aid to Ukrainian army.

The work continued. Participants discussed issues of taxation of aid to military, registration of ATO volunteers if they change their place of residence, necessary documents.

At first, Forum’s organizers thought that their event would be interesting only to people from Kherson, as head of the board of “Zahyst” foundation Larysa Polska said. But when volunteers from other regions of Ukraine found out about the event, they started making applications.

- Surprisingly, government and parliament create more and more legislative obstructions for volunteers, - Hanna Hulevska-Chernysh, director of Ukrainian forum of benefactors, said.

Natalya Bimbirayte, development director of Kherson regional Charity and health foundation, head of the portal “Legal Space” called volunteers to unite. “We should change the rules of the game, free aid to ATO participants from taxation; introduce the mechanism of SMS-charity. That is why I ask all the volunteers to support the resolution and to lobby necessary laws”.

There were master-classes in the second half of the day. Expert told how to work with territorial communities on local level, how to ensure safety in ATO zone and how to work in social networks. Participants also learned how to make patriotic souvenirs.

During the breaks, Forum’s participants talked, shared experiences and contacts. Volodymyr Orlovskiy, the lawyer of Kherson Community Law Center, spread more than hundred leaflets with “hot lines” and addresses of lawyers who provide free professional aid in Kherson, Volyn, Chernihiv, Kyiv and Kharkiv regions.

Based on materials of “Vhoru” newspaper: http://vgoru.org/index.php/all-news/euromaydan/item/10011-u-khersoni-projshov-pershij-vseukrajinskij-forum-volonteriv

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