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Patrol police is looking for partners

In Kherson two actions were held, which didn't cause a special resonance in the city, but are absolutely unique not only for Kherson, but also for Ukraine. Uniqueness of these "round tables" is that they were not held from on high, but at the initiative of new Kherson patrol police that wants to unite their opportunities with those of public activists.

IDPs in Donetsk region will receive free psychological aid

Public organization "Agency for Democratic Development of Donbass" starts the project on providing psychological assistance to internally displaced persons who are living in Donetsk region. Now displaced persons will get the qualified help and advice of psychologists, will be able to participate in work of psychotherapeutic groups and to receive useful information materials as soon as possible to adapt in new communities.

ATO combatants have to fight for benefits

Fifteen ATO combatants who had returned from Eastern Ukraine recently, quickly understood it. They decided to find out what social benefits are provided to them, which ones are real and what rights are guaranteed only on paper.

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