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Participants analyze public problems in groups.

Patrol police is looking for partners

In Kherson two actions were held, which didn't cause a special resonance in the city, but are absolutely unique not only for Kherson, but also for Ukraine. Uniqueness of these "round tables" is that they were not held from on high, but at the initiative of new Kherson patrol police that wants to unite their opportunities with those of public activists.

Yuriy (left) and the lawyer of the Center Vitaly Babyka

Driver made patrol police respect law

The resident of Dvurechnaya Yuriy has about 30 years of driving experience and works as a truck driver, so he was very surprised by the accusations of the police in violation of traffic rules.

Head of patrol police Lieutenant Maksym Yermakov (left) presents Petr Pojman with the a ceremonial certificate for the lecture to the patrol police

Community policing in Kherson: problems and prospects

Now there is quite a lively debate on interaction between the population and the police as a factor of crime prevention in society. The National Police of Ukraine even presented the Community Policing project on improving the communication process between the police and educational institutions.

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