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Widow of ATO hero won case against Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is trying to economize, recognizing the fallen ATO heroes as suicide. The result is families of lost soldiers are not eligible for cash assistance from the state. A vivid example was the case of "Oksana Rudnik against the Ministry of Defence." Such attempts to save the state are numerous.

Psychological legal workshops stirred up ATO veterans

On 11 March the fourth seminar for ATO ex-combatants and their families was held  in Beryslav , Kherson region. The program traditionally included psychological, legal, informational aid and moral support. The expert of the regional centre of social services for family, children and youth Alla Tverdokhlib helped the team of the Information Resource Center "Legal Space" organize training.

Land for ATO combatants against local bureaucracy

The state promises the military personnel to be granted with land plots, but local authorities can't or don't want to allocate the plots actually. As a result, our defenders are waiting for allocation of sites for months or are refused at all. ATO ex-combatant from Volyn – Leonid Kravets* also came up against such situation. Due to timely intervention of lawyers of Kovel Law Community Center the man could overcome local bureaucrats.

Officers pursued ambulance (part II)

In October last year the Legal Space web portal published the news of the egregious event about how the command of the military unit tried to kidnap a soldier (a resident of Kherson) from an ambulance, who was struck by electricity – "to hush up" the accident.

Christmas on border with Crimea

We are sincerely grateful to you, Natalya Bimbirayte, Anna Martyniuk and Viacheslav Gusakov, for your numerous visits to us, moral support, charity, nice photos and videos of soldiers’ greetings for their families. And of course, for humanity and friendship!

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