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The future of Skadovsk

The working group in Skadovsk has finished the development of the strategic city plan in the framework of the project by “Rule of Law” program financed by the International Renaissance Foundation. For the first time, the strategy was developed by the community organizations: Skadovsk Community Law Center, Women center “Renaissance of the nation”, “Youth initiative”, Charity foundation “Yednist”, and community organization “Tavros”.

The solution of small cities’ problems cannot be reached without addressing the problems of the region. The plan for Skadovsk development is already processed and it is ready for approval during the sessions of the regional and city councils. Ex-head of the regional state administration Yegor Ustinov is still proud that the community has been the initiator of the development of the plan.

The main potential of Skadovsk development is its natural resources. However, there are some competitors of this perspective child resort – neighboring Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya, Saki. These cities have railroad connection, developed excursion basis, rich cultural life. Skadovsk is losing its reputation in the touristic sphere and emphasis should be made upon the development of ecology, quality of local ecologically clean products and environment protection.

But we should consider negative moments as well. There are still considerable problems with the borders of the city. City and regional budgets are minor. There is no experience of cooperation between the local community and the subjects of entrepreneurship. Agriculture is weakly developed, especially the gardening technologies. The city sea port is oriented exclusively on Turkey. Lack of working places is scaring youth away from the city. Dissatisfied visitors of the resort deteriorate the image of the region. Due to all these problems Skadovsk is losing 20% of vacationers each year.

To change this situation for better, the working group on developing the city’s strategic plan plans to open the season in April and to finish it in the beginning of November. Health resorts need to be oriented on therapeutic mud, introduce educational services for children and to increase the opportunities for rehabilitation of elderly. The development of the system to support ecological and ethnical tourism is very important.

However, all these measures lose sense without ecological sanitation of Dzhrylgach bay. That is why complex decisions are needed.

Special institute of regional state administration with representatives from local authorities, business, community, spheres of education and science should control the realization of strategic plan.

Additional Information: Community Law Center in Skadovskwas established with the support of the International “Renaissance” Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative” and is administrated by the municipal institution of Skadovsk. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org

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