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Uzhgorod regional authorities have illegally fined citizens for 20 million UAH

During the past few years, regional authorities of Uzhgorod have installed an illegal system of fines for property transfers. The total sum of fines collected by regional authorities is more than 20 millions hryvnas. Now citizens of Uzhgorod have the possibility to get their money back through court judgment. Uzhgorod regional court has cancelled the city council’s decision on the installation of fines for property transfers.

“Vested” Community Law Center has provided consultations for a citizen of Uzhgorod, who complained that for getting his land property he has to pay 13 500 hryvnas to the city council. Without this money, local authorities refused to provide him with relevant papers on this ownership. He had to give away all his savings in order to pay the exorbitant fine. However, legal consultants of “Vested” helped him to address the Uzhgorod regional court and obtain satisfaction and cancelation of illegal fine.
The case took 2 years to make its way to the regional court. But on February 14, 2013 the illegal decision of the city council was cancelled and 13 500 hryvnas were returned to the complainant.
This decision is very important for Uzhgorod citizens, as more than 20 millions hryvnas were collected in an illegal way by regional authorities during 2011-2012. Today, citizens have an opportunity to address courts and get their money back based on the positive decision of the Uzhgorod regional court. 


Additional information:
In 2010 Uzhgorod city council has voted a new legislation on the installation of special fines for property transfers: 25 hryvnas had to be paid for every square meter of property. However, privatization of property is a free procedure in Ukraine thus making such decision of Uzhgorod city council illegal.


Community Law Center “Vested” is open daily, legal consultations are provided on Tuesday-Friday 14:00-18:00 (8 Bereznya street, 46/125, Uzhgorod); Community Law Center “Roma” is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00-16:00 (Bogatyrska street 45, Uzhgorod); Community Law Center “Romani Cherhen” is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:00-16:00 (Uzhanska street 80, Uzhgorod).

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